Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey, January!

It's my very first outfit post this year! Yay! More to come. I hope! So, I'm feeling today that I should wear something for winter. And viola! This is the verdict. Finally, I get the chance to wear this Knit topper that I bought online and the Aztec Bandage Skirt and wore my glittery flats to complete my look.

What do you think of my first outfit this 2013?

Hype my look at Lookbook.


Cam whore with my baby girl, Krissy. Haha.



Monday, January 7, 2013


Instagram post last December 2012.
*I got my hair ombre!*
*Spending every Sunday with my love*
*IG photos with my baby girl*
*Cof's Christmas Party
*Christmas Day in Manila*
*Toxic free duty at Male Medical Ward*
*Foodgasm: Donuts from J.co, Macarons from French Baker and Paris from Jelly Citea *
*Christmas Party of our hospital wherein I dance!*
*Last duty at Dr. PJGMRMC*

I have a very happy December. Hoping to have a wonderful 2013. 
Happy New Year everyone! 

My very first IG photo this year.

Camwhore on 1st of January




Bunch of Christmas Gifts and Chocolates from Jun.

Whaaaaat? Is this my gift? Haha. Joben put on a joke on my Christmas gift from him.

This is my real gift....

Tadaaa! It's a skirt and belt. Thank You Joben! :)

So this is my gift to Camille. Hope she'll love it!

Then after...

Seems HAPPY? Lol.

My gift. She said she love it.
Before the gift giving started, she was asking me where did I bought my jacket the same style with my gift for her but different in color. Coz she like to buy too. Well, I guess she just really love my gift for her.

Our Christmas Party will never be complete without our dear friend,Jun. He's in Australia. Distance means nothing. We miss you Jun so much. :)



Ward Christmas Party

It's our ward Christmas Party.
I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

with my duty mates Daryl and Franz.

with my super bait Head Nurse, Maam Cecil.

Singing Total Eclipse of the Heart with Chick Sheree. Haha. We are such a singer!

with my Mari♥

I soooo LOVE my gift from Ate Jez :)

My Gift is so PRETTY. Happy me.



Christmas Day

CamWhore. HAHA.

Hey, It's Christmas Day! Merry CHRISTmas everyone! 
I'm off from work. I'm at the hospital at Christmas Eve, it was a smooth duty. I'm thankful. So today is 25th of December Yey! We go to Manila to spend the Christmas. We attended first a mass at the Church near MOA, I forgot what it's called. Hihi. Anyway, after the mass of course we go to MOA to have lunch and do some window shopping or should I say walking. HAHA.

with mys sister and Mom

with my beautiful MOM ;)

After the Mass...

One of the Boys :)
We fail to enter Star City, too many people. 
So we end up heading home early and going to...

Caron DreamPark at San Isidro, Nueva Ecija.
Yes, the first carnival here in our place.
It was a nice experience.
Actually, it's note done yet.
Hoping to be back there when it's all done. More rides to come.

Check out my Christmas Day outfit. And tell me what do you think of it?



Dr. PJGMRMC Christmas Party 2012

This was our Christmas Party at Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center, the hospital where I work. We actually have an intermission number! yeah, we dance! After a decade of not dancing, well I can proudly say that I CAN DANCE! Haha. 

I love my costume designed by my friend/co-nurse Sheree.♥

Watch our dance in Youtube. Hope you all like it!

-Sorry I can't upload it here.-



21Dec2012 - A Moment to Remember

21st of December, Me and My love (Jordan) spend the late afternoon at the resort. At Acropolis North. It was a "biglaang lakad". He just want to swim all day and show what they did at school. It was a fund day! =)

Look at my outfit that day before I dip myself at the pool. Haha.

Peplum top and Flora HW Shorts from Glitzy Pink.

What do you think?